A Stagecoach Named Desire

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"That [Honky Tonk Mayhem], this [Stagecoach], and every album in between are the finest examples of Texas honky tonk music you could ever hope for."  [from Australia, Yesterday and Today Records, http://members.ozemail.com.au/~fiddling/new/01-APR-News.htm]

  1. I've Still Got My Mind (Hurd, Dickens)
  2. Morning Noon and Night (Jesse 'Charles Calhoun' Stone)
  3. 157 Linmore Drive (Hurd)
  4. Texas Me (A. Meyer, J. Perez, D. Sahm, F. Morin)
  5. Rawhide (Grant, Wray)
  6. Ain't it Funny How Time Slips Away? (W. Nelson)
  7. What Would Ernest Tubb Have Done? (Hurd)
  8. I'm The Man (Spurlock)
  9. Tell Your Shrink I Said "Thanks For Nothin'" (Hurd)
  10. A Death in the Family (Bill Anderson)
  11. The Gypsy (Billy Reid)
  12. My Love Is Your Weapon (C. Hurd, D. Hurd)
  13. I'll Take Your Hat Right Off My Rack (Hands, N. Nath)
  14. Girls, Girls, Girls (Leiber, Stoller)
  15. Angel's Serenade (Gaetano Braga)
  16. Heartbreak Tennessee (Jack Clement)
  17. Cowboy Peyton Place (D. Sahm)
  18. Our Way of Life (Hurd)
  19. Moonshine Lullaby (Irving Berlin)
  20. Slowpoke (King, Price, Stewart)
  21. The Genitalia of a Fool (Trevino, Hurd, Skelton, White)
  22. People are Sleeping, Dreaming of Cheese (White, Skelton)

release date- 2000


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 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

5 CDs for $55 with Free Shipping!





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