Musical History, Cornell's influences:

Texas           Ernest Tubb            Lalo Guerrero           Bob Wills            Swing

Spade Cooley            Moon Mullican            Eminem            Wanda Jackson


These folks have tolerated Cornell long enough to record and/or perform with him, open for him, close for him, or publicly berate him:

Marti Brom            Johnny Bush            Lucky Oceans        Howard Kalish

Doug Sahm                Stevie Ray Vaughan        Commander Cody

Asleep At The Wheel        Huey Lewis        Frank Zappa


These are links to and about Austin, Cornell's home, City of the Velvet Crown, River City, the Capitol of Texas, Jewel of the Seven Hills, wait, wasn't that Rome? I'm confused. That happens quite frequently with people in this town. Confusion that is. What were we talking about?

Austin        Austin Music        Austin Real Estate

The Austin Chronicle



Heard the story about the guy in the five-dollar Beatle wig? No? Then buy Texas Fruit Shack....and then Find out about the mysterious Each Minute Seems a Million Years or listen to it.

Dr. Demento playlists from July 4, 1976, December 26,1976, September 26, 1976 

Beef Jerky            Ploesti            The Mighty Hawk

 Guy Juke        Baseball

Len Brown             DJ Political Collectibles

Wedding, Birth, Bridal, Shower, and Party Announcements from our good friends here in Austin at


Some Venues Where The Band Has Appeared


Jovita's            The Broken Spoke            The Texicalli Grille            The Continental Club

Nutty Brown Cafe        Armadillo World Headquarters (Aug 7, 1970 to   Dec 31, 1980)             

the rest of TEXAS

Sons of Hermann Hall, Dallas (April 1911 to present)            The Continental Club, Houston            

Blanco's, Houston            Cabaret, Bandera            



The Smokey Mountain, Campbell            The Country Store, Sunnyvale

Niles Station, Fremont            The Keystone, Palo Alto            The Palms, San Francisco

Last Day Saloon, San Francisco (Aug 2, 1973 to present)            The Cabooze


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 The Discs
 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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