Danny Roy Young

AKA The Mayor of South Austin, Lord of the Board


              As sad as it gets:   Danny Roy Young, rubboardist for the CHB for 15 years, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in South Austin on August 20th, 2008. We are stunned and saddened beyond words. He was the heart and soul of this band for a long, long time.


click here to read Danny's tale as reported by the Austin American Statesman


                                                                                     photo by Bernard Ortiz-de-Montella



photo by Will Indian                                                                                    Danny's gear


                Danny with Willie                                         with the late Stella Boes



Danny on drums at Brahma Land in Kingsville, Texas, Late '59 early 60

Conway Twitty center, Danny to his right


This is pretty much my band after I left for the  Coast Guard..... My buddy, Donnie McCormick, took my place on trap (and I do believe that's my kit he's playing) and  John  Autry is playing keyboard instead of  Don Brillhart but that's 'Little Lindsey' on guitar, and the Pollard Brothers, Dave on sax & Tommy on bass. This is most of the gang that segued into my band "The Kings". *** dry


Danny Young and Conway Twitty greet their fans. 1959.



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