Rhythm and Vocals

                                                     Chris Cook 2010 - Present




photo by Winker

                                               Bear Eagle 2008- 2011


1997 to 2007     

Blackie went away at the beginning of October, 2007.

Like Frosty the Snowman, he'll be back again, some day.  We hope.

Blackie White (guitar, vocals)


1993 to 2008   Danny Roy Young (rubboard)


photo by Todd Wolfson                



Danny played with the CHB for over 15 years. Below is a tribute from Austin's ace photographer Todd Wolfson.

     As sad as it gets:   Danny Roy Young, rubboardist for the CHB for 15 years, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in South Austin on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008. We are stunned and saddened beyond words. He was the heart and soul of this band for a long, long time.  Cornell




1976 to 1984     Drew Hurd (guitar, harmonica, vocals)


1970 to 1973   Joel Crawford (vocals)   


1968 to present when did this band not have rhythm? Tell me. 


 The Discs
 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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