August 5, 1950 to June 3, 1998



I knew Russ as a little boy when his dad, Frank (Francis), had built his son an airplane made out of plywood that sat in the back yard. It looked like a miniature green Piper Cub, and it was big enough for two kids to sit in. It was as cool as could be.

We played baseball together all the way up through Senior Babe Ruth League.  In the spring of '68 when we had "Senior Night" at Homestead High School,  Russ played guitar in our jug band. When he was on the Homestead football team, a group of us used to go to the games and yell at the coach to put Russ in the game. We struggled through advanced math classes together.

I always figured we'd see each other again. 

Russ, Lisa, Larry- 10 year HHS Reunion 1978

Russ died from a sudden heart attack, after exercising in the early morning. His wife was with him when he died. Obviously his death was a shock to the family. He was 47.

I cared greatly for the man. He was a decent, non-malicious guy. He had a great sense of humor. He ALWAYS encouraged me. I was struck by how easy it was to lose him.

    - Cornell Hurd, June 2002


    Russ is second from the left.

Russ in Sixth grade