900 Songs At Jovita's (and counting)

July 1996 to Present

photo from September 2002: 600 songs

All the Songs And All the Guest Performers of the Cornell Hurd Band at Jovita's.

Song list compiled by Alana Foster

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Nine Years, Nine Hundred Songs

All the Songs Done by the Cornell Hurd Band and All the Guest Performers

At Jovitaís ó the Hippest Little Gig in South Anywhere

July 1996 to Present

  1. íTil These Dreams Come True (JT)

  2. A Face in the Crowd (RH)

  3. A Fool Such As I (MB, KP)

  4. A Little Traveliní Music Please

  5. A Rock and a Hard Place

  6. A Tombstone Every Mile

  7. A Wa-Wa Thing (BW/PS)

  8. A Way to Survive

  9. Above and Beyond (Dee/Lars nuptials)

  10. Achiní Breakiní Heart (JT, Benny Rye tribute)

  11. Act Naturally (mp)

  12. Adios to Mexico City (Lalo Guerrero tribute)

  13. After the Fire Is Gone (MH/AB)

  14. Ainít It Funny How Time Slips Away (CoH)

  15. Albatross (PS, DeeDee Ramone tribute)

  16. All Day All Night Mary Ann

  17. All of Me (AB)

  18. Along the Navajo Trail (CN)

  19. Always Late (BW)

  20. Amarillo by Morning (MP)

  21. Angel Baby

  22. Angelís Serenade

  23. Annie Had a Baby (Hank Ballard tribute, RTBG)

  24. Apache

  25. Apartment Number Nine (JT, Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  26. Aprilís Fool (JT)

  27. Are You Lonesome Tonight

  28. Are You Sure (JT)

  29. Arkansas Traveler

  30. Around the World (Iíve Searched for You)

  31. Artificial Flowers (BW)

  32. Ashokan Farewell

  33. Asshole from El Paso (KF)

  34. At the End of a Rainbow (Earl Grant tribute)

  35. At the End of the Road (not the Jerry Lee one)

  36. Baby Donít Go (tribute to chick singers Cornell can sing better than)

  37. Baby Please Donít Go (FK)

  38. Back in the Saddle Again

  39. Backstreet Affair (JT)

  40. Backstreets of Bandera (JT)

  41. Ballad of Amelia Earhart (Red River Dave tribute)

  42. Ballad of Charles Whitman (KF)

  43. Ballad of the Green Beret

  44. Barbara Ann

  45. Barbwire

  46. Bartenderís Blues

  47. Bastropera 1: Bastrop My Bastrop

  48. Bastropera 2: Bastropís OK But the Whole World Is Better

  49. Bastropera 3: As Long as Youíre Leaving

  50. Bastropera 4: Devil Went Down to Bastrop (song #666)

  51. Bastropera 5: My Little Country Speed Lab in the Pines

  52. Bastropera 6: Theyíre Tearing Down the HEB Today

  53. Bastropera 7: From My Window I Can See Wal-Mart

  54. Bastropera 8: Thereís a Whole Lotta Livingí Goiní on in Bastrop

  55. Battle Hymn of the Republic

  56. Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

  57. Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar (CSL)

  58. Beautiful Texas

  59. Because Itís You (JT)

  60. Beer Barrel Polka (VK)

  61. Before the Next Teardrop Falls (2C)

  62. Begging to You (JT)

  63. B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go (HTG)

  64. Bicentennial Boogie

  65. Big Ballís in Cowtown (MS)

  66. Big Blue Diamonds

  67. Big City (CC)

  68. Big Damn State, Long Damn Road Boogie (MDH)

  69. Big Game Hunter

  70. Big Mamou (HK)

  71. Big Old Heartache (Patsy Cline death plane tribute, Hawkshawís song)

  72. Big River

  73. Black Cadillac (mb)

  74. Black Nylons

  75. Black Smoke Blowing Over 18 Wheels

  76. Blue Christmas (MB; JA)

  77. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

  78. Blue Moon

  79. Blue Moon of Kentucky (SR)

  80. Blue Shadows on the Trail (CN)

  81. Blue Suede Shoes (RH, Sam Phillips tribute)

  82. Blue Tattoo (mb)

  83. Bluebirds Over the Mountain (Ursel Hickey tribute)

  84. Bluebonnet Lane

  85. Blues for Dixie (CN)

  86. Bonaparteís Retreat

  87. Boo Hoo Boogie (MB)

  88. Boogie Woogie Country Girl

  89. Boom Boom (PS, John Lee Hooker tribute)

  90. Boot Heel Drag

  91. Boppiní the Blues

  92. Born to Lose (Ted Daffan death show)

  93. Born Too Late

  94. Boys in the Back Room (Marlene Dietrich tribute)

  95. Brady Bunch Theme

  96. Breaking the Rules

  97. Breathless (WL)

  98. Bring It on Home to Me (MH)

  99. Brother Itís All Lunchmeat to Me

  100. Bubbles in My Beer (Cindy Walker tribute, TJB)

  101. Bulldozer Man (HK)

  102. Bumming Around

  103. Bunny Hop

  104. Cíest la Vie (MH)

  105. Cíest Magnifique

  106. Calendar Girl

  107. California Blues (WTTH)

  108. Canít Get It Up Blues (URH)

  109. Canít Shake the Sands of Texas from My Shoes

  110. Candy Kisses

  111. Car Hank Died In, The (CD)

  112. Caravan

  113. Careless Hands

  114. Chains

  115. Charlieís Shoes (JT)

  116. Chew Chew Chew That Loaf (BW/PS)

  117. Choking Kind (JT)

  118. City Lights (HK)

  119. Close Up the Honky Tonks (AA; JA)

  120. Cold Cold Hand

  121. Cold Hard Facts of Life

  122. Cold Kisses

  123. Come On Home and Sing the Blues to Daddy

  124. Cool Touch, Hot Night (CN)

  125. Corinna Corinna (CN, SMe, LR)

  126. Cotton Eyed Joe

  127. Country Girl (JT)

  128. Country Roads (CN; song #800)

  129. County Sheriff

  130. Cow Cow Boogie (WTTH)

  131. Cowboy Peyton Place (CN)

  132. Crazy

  133. Crazy Arms (Cornell; MP; 2C; ML)

  134. Crazy Cause I Love You

  135. Cryiní Time (Buck Owens tribute)

  136. Crying (MB)

  137. Cuddle Bugginí Baby

  138. Dadgum Blues (BW/PS)

  139. Daisy Mae (TJ, Floyd Tillman tribute)

  140. Dankeschoen

  141. Dark Moon

  142. Darling Nellie Gray

  143. Dead Armadillo

  144. Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road (CN)

  145. Death in the Family (JT)

  146. Deep Water (MP)

  147. Denise

  148. Desperado (CN)

  149. Detour (CH/BK)

  150. Devilís Disciple

  151. Different Kind of Flower (JT)

  152. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (FM; BK)

  153. Dirty Water

  154. Divorce Me C.O.D.

  155. Dixie Fried (FK)

  156. Do You Believe in Reincarnation

  157. Do You Think Iím Psycho, Mama (BW)

  158. Do You Wanna Dance

  159. Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

  160. Donít

  161. Donít Be Cruel

  162. Donít Ever Take My Picture Down (CH; NM)

  163. Donít Get Around Much

  164. Donít Pretend Youíre Doing This for Me

  165. Donít Rob Another Manís Castle

  166. Donít Say Nothing Bad About My Baby

  167. Donít Sing Aloha When I Go

  168. Donít Wipe Your Face on Your Shirt (THB)

  169. Donít You Believe Her (JT)

  170. Donít You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me (JA; JL)

  171. Donna

  172. Down and Out Blues (URH)

  173. Down in Mississippi (PP)

  174. Driftwood on the River

  175. Driving Nails in My Coffin

  176. Each Night at Nine (Floyd Tillman tribute)

  177. Earth Angel

  178. Easy Loviní (RB)

  179. El Paso (JT)

  180. Empty Feedbag Blues (BW/PS)

  181. End of the Road (Jerry Lee version)

  182. End of the Road (not Jerry Lee)

  183. End of the World (Skeeter Davis tribute)

  184. Every Little Star

  185. Evil Hearted Me (MM)

  186. Excuse Me, I Think Iíve Got a Heartache (JA)

  187. Eyes as Big as Dallas

  188. Faded Love

  189. Farewell Party (JT)

  190. Feel So Good (Feels So Fine) (CH/JT)

  191. Feudiní and Fightiní (MB; NE)

  192. Find Yourself Another, Iím Through With You (JT)

  193. Finger Popping Time (Hank Ballard tribute)

  194. First Day on the Trail (CN)

  195. Fishiní Blues (PS, Champ Hood tribute)

  196. Fist City (SVT)

  197. Five Minutes of the Latest Blues (JT)

  198. Flat River, Missouri (MB)

  199. Flintstonesí Theme

  200. Flip, Flop, and Fly (EChrysler)

  201. Florida Blues

  202. Floydís Boogie Woogie Waltz (FD)

  203. Flyiní Away with the Breeze

  204. Flyiní Saucer Rock & Roll (Alan Shepard tribute)

  205. Folsome Prison Blues

  206. Fooling Around (BK)

  207. Fools Like Me

  208. Footsteps of a Fool (JT)

  209. For the Good Times (JT)

  210. For Your Love (tribute to Ed Townsend)

  211. Forbidden Wine (JT)

  212. Forever in the Texas Sky (CN)

  213. Four Strong Winds

  214. Four Walls (HK)

  215. Framed (SMo)

  216. Fraulein

  217. Freebird (CN)

  218. From a Jack to a King (BW)

  219. From the Land of Sky-Blue Waters

  220. Fujiyama Mama

  221. Full Moon in Austin

  222. Fun, Fun, Fun

  223. Further On Up the Road (PS, Randy Garibay tribute)

  224. Galway Bay (tribute to the goddess and the queen, who were traveling)

  225. Garbageman

  226. Genitalia of a Fool

  227. Get Rhythm (RBG)

  228. Get the Hell Outta Dodge (JS)

  229. Girl on the Billboard (BK)

  230. Girls, Girls, Girls (BW)

  231. Gloria (Patti Smith tribute)

  232. Goat-Capades (BW/PS)

  233. Godís Gonna Turn Us to Dust

  234. Going Away Party

  235. Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Skeeter Davis tribute)

  236. Good Rockiní Tonight (Sam Phillips tribute)

  237. Goodbye Little Darliní

  238. Good-Bye Lonesone, Hello Babydoll

  239. Goodnight Irene

  240. Goon Funk (PS/BW)

  241. Got a Lot of Living to Do (RM)

  242. Grand Old Flag

  243. Grand Tour (HK)

  244. Great Balls of Fire (JE; 2C)

  245. Green Acres Theme

  246. Green Green Grass of Home

  247. Green Snakes on the Ceiling

  248. Groovy Kind of Love

  249. Gypsy

  250. Hair of the Dog (AC)

  251. Half a Mind

  252. Happy Birthday

  253. Happy Harryís Honky Tonk

  254. Happy Herman Polka (HTG)

  255. Happy Hour in Hell

  256. Happy Trails

  257. Happy-Go-Lucky Polka

  258. Harbor Lights

  259. Harper Valley PTA (Amateur hour with Kim)

  260. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (HK)

  261. Heíll Have to Go (Jim Reeves tribute)

  262. Heart Over Mind

  263. Heart to Heart Talk

  264. Heartache for Heartache (CN)

  265. Heartaches by the Number (JA; MB))

  266. Heartbreak, Tennessee (w/MB) (Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  267. Heat Wave

  268. Heaven, Hell, or Houston

  269. Heavy Breathiní

  270. Hello Walls (JT)

  271. Henryís Got Flat Feet (Hank Ballard tribute, RTBG)

  272. Here Come the Clones

  273. Here Comes My Ball and Chain

  274. Hey Drew! (The Boogie Apocalypse)

  275. Hey Good Lookiní (JE)

  276. Hey Little Dreamboat (DL)

  277. Hide and Go Cheat (JT)

  278. High Heel Sneakers (PJP)

  279. High Tech Job Boogie

  280. Hillbilly Nut

  281. Hillbilly Rock and Roll (JE)

  282. Home in San Antone

  283. Home to Texas

  284. Home Youíre Tearing Down (JT)

  285. Homo Erectus (KF)

  286. Honey Donít

  287. Honky Tonk (LRt)

  288. Honky Tonk Amnesia

  289. Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor (JT)

  290. Honky Tonk Has-Been

  291. Honky Tonk Man

  292. Honkytonk Blues/Das Honkytonk Blues

  293. Honky-Tonkitis

  294. Hound Dog (AD)

  295. How Can I Get Over You (When Youíre Always Under Him) (JT)

  296. How Great Thou Art (JT)

  297. How Long (PP)

  298. How Much Is That Doggie in the Window (BW)

  299. Hoy Hoy (DL; MBar)

  300. I Ainít Never (TP)

  301. I Always Went Through (Cindy Walker tribute)

  302. I Bought the Shoes That Just Walked Out on Me

  303. I Brought Her Roses But She Preferred the Rosť

  304. I Can Still Hear the Music in the Menís Room

  305. I Canít Help Being Cool

  306. I Canít Help It If Iím Still in Love with You

  307. I Canít Stay Mad at You (Skeeter Davis tribute)

  308. I Canít Stop Loving You (Ray Charles tribute)

  309. I Cry, Then I Drink, Then I Cry

  310. I Donít Believe Iíll Fall in Love Today (SVT; BW)

  311. I Donít Care What It Is That You Did When You Lived in Fort Worth

  312. I Donít Hurt Anymore (DL)

  313. I Donít Know Why I Love You But I Do

  314. I Donít Want to Love Anyone This Much Again

  315. I Donít Want to Set the World on Fire

  316. I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair

  317. I Drink Too Much

  318. I Fall to Pieces (JT)

  319. I Fought the Law (BW; FK)

  320. I Get the Fever (SVT)

  321. I Got It From the Girl Next Door

  322. I Gotta Have My Baby Back (DW)

  323. I Just Canít Let You Say Goodbye (JT)

  324. I Just Destroyed the World Iím Living In (JT)

  325. I Just Hope My Wife Donít Find Out

  326. I Like ĎEm Fat Like That

  327. I Love Lucy Brown (JT)

  328. I Love You Because Youíre You (JT)

  329. I Love You for Sentimental Reasons

  330. I Love You So Much It Hurts Me (JT, Floyd Tillman tribute)

  331. I Only Think About You Every Day

  332. I Play with Girls My Own Age

  333. I Really Donít Want to Know (JT)

  334. I Saw Her Standing There (GT)

  335. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

  336. I Still Miss Someone (RH; CoH; Cornellís Johnny Cash tribute)

  337. I Wake Up Screaming

  338. I Walked Out on Heaven (When I Walked Out on You)

  339. I Wanna Be a Cajun (HK)

  340. I Want to Be a Cowboy Sweetheart (NE; LO; RR)

  341. I Want to Keep in Touch (URH)

  342. I Wish I Was in New Orleans (NOLA tribute)

  343. I Wonder (JE)

  344. Iíd a Wrote You a Letter But I Couldnít Spell Yuck

  345. Iíd Rather Be the One You Slip Around With (JT)

  346. Iíd Rather Sleep in Peace than Know Youíre Gone (JT)

  347. Iíll Be Over You (When the Grass Grows Over Me) (JT)

  348. Iíll Catch You When You Fall

  349. Iíll Find a Way to Free Myself from You (JT)

  350. Iíll Go Down Swinging (JT)

  351. Iíll Just Have a Cup of Coffee Then Iíll Go (JT)

  352. Iíll Never Change (HK)

  353. Iíll Sail My Ship Alone

  354. Iíll See You in My Dreams

  355. Iím a Linda-holic

  356. Iím Afraid to Go Home

  357. Iím an Old Cowhand (MP)

  358. Iím an Old, Old Man Trying to Love

  359. Iím Chafed (BW/PS)

  360. Iím Gonna Drive

  361. Iím Into Something Good

  362. Iím Mad With You (Cornell; MBS)

  363. Iím Not Crazy Yet

  364. Iím Not Drinkiní to Drown My Sorrows (JLB)

  365. Iím Putting All My Eggs in One Basket

  366. Iím Seeking Revenge

  367. Iím So Afraid of Losing You Again

  368. Iím the Man (JT)

  369. Iím Tired of Wanting Something I Canít Have

  370. Iíve Been Ripped Off

  371. Iíve Been Working on the Railroad

  372. Iíve Enjoyed as Much of This as I Can Stand (JT)

  373. Iíve Got a Woman in San Angelo

  374. Iíve Got the Hots for My Catholic School Teacher (BW/PS)

  375. Iíve Got Wine on My Mind All the Time

  376. Iíve Got Your Stinking Beguine

  377. Iíve Had It

  378. Iíve Still Got My Mind

  379. Iíve Watched You Fall in Love Before

  380. Ida Mae (PP)

  381. If Crying Would Make You Care (MB)

  382. If Fingerprints Showed Up on Skin (JT)

  383. If I Ever Need a Lady (JT)

  384. If My Colon Had a Conscience (JT)

  385. If You Play With My Mind

  386. In Care of the Blues (mh)

  387. In Love With the Wrong Man (JT)

  388. In the Jailhouse Now (WTTH)

  389. In the Misty Moonlight

  390. Income Tax Blues (URH)

  391. Invitation to the Blues (Cornell; MSB; DLK)

  392. Is Anybody Going to San Antone (WD)

  393. It Donít Feel Like Christmas Since You Been Gone (TS)

  394. It Gets Like This Every Christmas (#700)

  395. It Got to Be a Habit

  396. It Makes No Difference Now (Floyd Tillman tribute)

  397. It Was Either the Whiskey or the Wife

  398. It Wasnít God Who Make Honky Tonk Angels (LK, JB)

  399. It Wouldnít Be Hell Without You

  400. Itís a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (PS, Mr. Rogers tribute)

  401. Itís Dark All Over the World

  402. Itís Just the Whiskey Talkiní

  403. Itís Not Unusual (BW)

  404. Itís Time to Fade Away, Wanda Jane

  405. Jackson (mh)

  406. Jaded Lover (CN)

  407. Jambalaya (TS)

  408. Jealous Loving Heart

  409. Jealous Loving Heart)

  410. Jeopardy (mb)

  411. Jesse Polka

  412. Johnny B. Goode (LJA)

  413. Jolie Blonde (BW)

  414. Juke Joint Boogie

  415. Jukebox Charlie (JT, Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  416. Just Call Me Steven Iím Leaviní

  417. Just Like Two Drops of Water

  418. Just One Minute There (JT, Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  419. Just One More Time (JA)

  420. Just Out of Reach of My Two Empty Arms (MM)

  421. Just Walk on By (BL)

  422. Justine

  423. Kansas City (DW; PP)

  424. Kansas City Blues (WTTH)

  425. Keep a Knockiní (JE)

  426. Keep a Light in the Window for Me

  427. Keyís in the Mailbox (BK)

  428. Kind of Love I Canít Forget (ChH/CoH/TL/HH)

  429. King of Rock and Roll (MBar)

  430. Kiss Me Big (MB)

  431. La Bamba (TL)

  432. Lactose Intolerant Baby (BW/PS)

  433. Ladrones del Corazon (URH)

  434. Last Date

  435. Lawyers, Guns, and Money (Warren Zevon tribute, PS)

  436. Learning the Blues

  437. Learning to Live with the Blues

  438. Leaves (URH)

  439. Leaving and Saying Goodbye (JT)

  440. Leaving It Up to You (Dewey Terry tribute)

  441. Leaving Town (SfB)

  442. Leg Man (JE)

  443. Let It Rock

  444. Let Me Be the First to Know

  445. Let the Rest of the World Go By

  446. Letís Flirt (CoH)

  447. Letís Get Away From It All

  448. Letís Have a Party (NA)

  449. Letís Twist Again

  450. Letters Have No Arms (JT)

  451. Lewis Boogie

  452. Liberty Drive

  453. Like Ram Das Still Here (URH)

  454. Lilí Coquette

  455. Lilli Marlene (Marlene Dietrich tribute)

  456. Lily Dale (HK)

  457. Linda Lu

  458. Lion Sleeps Tonight

  459. Little Red Wagon (RMg)

  460. Little Sister (RH)

  461. Living Dead

  462. Lodi

  463. Lollipop (2C)

  464. London Homesick Blues (CN)

  465. Lonely Bull

  466. Lonely Street (JT)

  467. Lonely Surfer (Jack Nitzsche tribute)

  468. Lonesome 77203 (HK)

  469. Lonesome Fugitive (LL)

  470. Long Gone Lonesome Blues (SC)

  471. Long Tall Sally (JE)

  472. Looking at the World Through a Windshield (BK)

  473. Loose Diamond (BW)

  474. Lorelei Sings the Blues (URH)

  475. Lost Highway (WTTH)

  476. Lost with the Devil in LA (URH)

  477. Lotta Liviní to Do (BW)

  478. Louie Louie

  479. Louisiana Blues (WTTH)

  480. Louisiana Blues (WTTH)

  481. Love Is No Excuse for What Weíre Doiní

  482. Love Letters in the Sand

  483. Love Me (JT)

  484. Loveís Gonna Live Here, Comrades (Buck Owens Russian version)

  485. Lovesick Blues (WTTH)

  486. Loving You Was Never Enough

  487. Maidenís Prayer

  488. Make Breakfast for My Mistress (BW/PS)

  489. Make the World Go Away (JT)

  490. Making Love Tennessee Style (MB)

  491. Making Love Ukulele Style (BW)

  492. Mama I Canít Cope Blues (URH)

  493. Mama Tried (CG)

  494. Man From Wisconsin (BW/PS)

  495. Mansion on the Hill

  496. Mapo

  497. Marie

  498. Matchbox (UBP; CoH; HD)

  499. May God Forgive a Fool (URH)

  500. Maybe I Do (MB)

  501. Mean (mb)

  502. Meanest Jukebox in Town

  503. Meat and Cheese Boogie (FD)

  504. Memory Number 1

  505. Metamucil Blues (URH)

  506. Midnight in Old Amarillo

  507. Miles and Miles of Texas (BD)

  508. Milk Cow Blues (CH; WTTH; MBen; DC)

  509. Misery

  510. Mister Come and Get Your Wife (RH)

  511. Moon Shine Lullaby (MB)

  512. Morning, Noon, and Night

  513. Motel Time Again (Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  514. Mountain of Love

  515. Move It On Over

  516. Mustang Sally (Wilson Picket tribute, BW)

  517. My Adobe Hacienda (ChH/CoH/TL/HH)

  518. My Autobiography (Patsy Cline death plane tribute, Cowboy Copasí song)

  519. My Baby Thinks Sheís a Train (JE)

  520. My Big Ten Inch

  521. My Bucketís Got a Hole in It (NA)

  522. My Confession

  523. My Favorite Lies (BW)

  524. My Generation (John Entwhistle tribute)

  525. My Love Is Your Weapon

  526. My Loviní Baby (mh)

  527. My Man, My Life (BW/PS)

  528. My Mind Hurts

  529. My Missing Years

  530. My Oklahoma (OK City bombing memorial)

  531. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You

  532. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy

  533. My Window Faces the South

  534. Mystery Train

  535. Nervous Fellow (GP)

  536. New Love Affair (MB)

  537. Night Life (DKL)

  538. Night Train (BDP)

  539. Nine Tenths of the Tennessee River

  540. No Call Blues (URH)

  541. No One Will Ever Know (JT)

  542. Not Fade Away (PS) (Buddy Holly death day tribute)

  543. Nuages

  544. Nyquil Blues (BW)

  545. Object of My Affection (Carl ďAlfalfaĒ Switzer tribute)

  546. Odds and Ends

  547. Oh Lonesome Me (AB)

  548. Ojitos Bonitos (TL)

  549. Old 55 (CN)

  550. Old Age Blues (URH)

  551. Old Man River

  552. Old Men Blues (URH)

  553. Old Rugged Cross

  554. On the Banks of the Old Pontchartrain (SW/HK)

  555. On Wisconsin (RTBG)

  556. One Fifty Seven Linmore Drive

  557. One Mint Julep

  558. One More Time (LJC)

  559. One Woman Man (BK)

  560. Only a Fool (Rev. Otis Young tribute)

  561. Only Daddy Thatíll Walk the Line (2C)

  562. Only Thing Thatís Killing Me Is Loving You (2C)

  563. Other Side of This Life (Fred Neil tribute)

  564. Other Woman, The (JT; BD; WHG)

  565. Our Way of Life

  566. Pancho and Lefty (BW)

  567. Panhandle Rag

  568. Paralyzed

  569. Pardon Me, Iíve Got Someone to Kill (HK, Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  570. Party Doll (JXR)

  571. Party Lights

  572. Party Time (for Ronnie Dawson)

  573. Pass Me By (LB; HD)

  574. Pass the Booze

  575. Paulette

  576. Peach Pickiní Time in Georgia

  577. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down

  578. PiŮa Colada Blues (URH)

  579. Pinetop Boogie Woogie (PP)

  580. Pistol Packing Mama (Al Dexter birthday tribute)

  581. Play Catch With the Blues (URH)

  582. Play Now, Pay Later (JT)

  583. Play the Blues

  584. Play With Your Poodle (RTBG)

  585. Playboy (JA)

  586. Please Donít Talk About Me When Iím Gone

  587. Please Save a Little for Me (Floyd Tillman tribute)

  588. Please Talk to My Heart

  589. Please Write To Me When I Get There

  590. PoíBoy Blues (WTTH)

  591. Pretty Little Filly with a Ponytail (BW/PS)

  592. Pretty Words (JT)

  593. Pride (MH; COC)

  594. Primrose Lane

  595. Problem Drinker

  596. Promised Land (BK)

  597. Psychotic Love

  598. Pushiní Too Hard

  599. Put Your Cat Clothes On

  600. Put Your Makeup On

  601. Que Sera Sera (Doris Day tribute)

  602. Race Is On (BW; 2C)

  603. Ragged but Right

  604. Ragtime Cowboy Joe

  605. Rainbow at Midnight (JT)

  606. Rainmaking Baby of Mine (JT)

  607. Rambliní Rose

  608. Ram-Bunk-Shush (DP/CM)

  609. Rawhide

  610. Rebel Rouser (aka Cattle Prod)

  611. Reckless Love Affair (JT)

  612. Red Dress She Wore

  613. Redneck Mother (CN)

  614. Redneck Mother (in German) (HTRG)

  615. Release Me (NB)

  616. Remember Me (MM)

  617. Return to Me

  618. Ride Me Down Easy (CN)

  619. Ride Ride Ride (KP)

  620. Right Back in Your Arms Again (JT)

  621. Right or Wrong (Bob Wills version)

  622. Right or Wrong (Wanda Jackson version) (mh)

  623. Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo (HTG)

  624. Ring of Fire (CoH and the South Anywhere Horns)

  625. Rock and Roll Honky Tonk Rambling Man

  626. Rock Around the Clock (RTBG)

  627. Rockabilly Blues

  628. Rockiní Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu (LTMB)

  629. Roll On (BK)

  630. Rose Colored Glasses (JT)

  631. Route 66

  632. Roxanna Waltz

  633. Rumble (Link Wray tribute, PS)

  634. Runaway (CN)

  635. Runniní Bear

  636. Sadness (JT; RG)

  637. Saginaw, Michigan (BW)

  638. Salamander Woman/Salamander Dance

  639. Same Old Memories (JT)

  640. Same Two Lips (JT)

  641. San Antonio Rose

  642. Satin Sheets (PJP)

  643. Sawyerís Blues (RRE/FSS)

  644. Sea Cruise (GT)

  645. Secret Love

  646. Seeds of My Destruction

  647. Senior Citizen River

  648. Sentimental Journey

  649. September in the Rain

  650. Settiní the Woods on Fire (SR)

  651. Seven Cups of Coffee

  652. Seven Lonely Days (MB)

  653. Seven Nights to Rock

  654. Shaboom

  655. Shackles and Chains (JT)

  656. Shadows

  657. Shake, Rattle, and Roll

  658. Shaking All Over (Joey Ramone tribute)

  659. Shame On You

  660. She Donít Love Me Any More (JT)

  661. She Needs Something Shiny and New

  662. She Once Lived Here

  663. Sheíll Always Love Me

  664. Sheís About a Mover

  665. Sheís Going Steady with Me (JA)

  666. Sheís in Love with a Rubboard Playing Man

  667. Sheís Not You

  668. Shine It On Shuffle (URH)

  669. Shout Ooga Booga (BW/PS)

  670. Sick, Sober, and Sorry

  671. Silhouettes

  672. Silver Bells (not the Christmas song)

  673. Silver Dew on the Bluegrass Tonight

  674. Silver Wings (MP/KR)

  675. Sing Away the Blues (URH)

  676. Sing Me Back Home (JT)

  677. Singing the Blues (CG; JS)

  678. Sittiní and Thinkiní (JT)

  679. Six Empty Bottles (CS)

  680. Six Pack to Go (LP)

  681. Sixty Minute Man

  682. Sleep Walk (aka Sheep Walk)

  683. Slippiní Around (JT; KH, Floyd Tillman tribute)

  684. Slow Burn (BP)

  685. Slowly (Iím Falling More in Love with You) (JT)

  686. Slowpoke

  687. Smoking Cigarettes and Drinking Coffee Blues (JT)

  688. Smoky Mountain Boogie

  689. Smoky Shadows

  690. Some Folks Just Donít Get It (BW/PS)

  691. Someday Iíll Sober Up (JT)

  692. Someday Soon (PJP)

  693. Someday Youíll Call My Name

  694. Someday Youíll Want Me to Want You

  695. Sometimes

  696. Somewhere South of San Antone

  697. South of the Border (OJ)

  698. South Pacific

  699. Spanish Eyes

  700. Spanish Harlem

  701. Spoonful (Howliní Wolf tribute, PS)

  702. Stand by Me

  703. Starry Eyes

  704. Start Over Blues (URH)

  705. Startiní Out Fresh

  706. Statue of a Fool (BF)

  707. Steel Guitar Rag

  708. Step Aside (FR)

  709. Stop the War, the Cats Is Killing Themselves (Wingy Manone tribute)

  710. Straight, No Chaser (TJB)

  711. Strange Things Happening Every Day (?)

  712. Strangers

  713. Streets of Laredo

  714. Stripper, The

  715. Sugar Moon (DW; MBen))

  716. Sugar Town

  717. Summertime Blues

  718. Surfiní Guru

  719. Sweet Georgia Brown (DG)

  720. Sweet Home Alabama (CN)

  721. Sweet Nothings (A-12)

  722. Take Back Your Old Love Letters (JT)

  723. Take Me As I Am or Let Me Go (JT)

  724. Take Me Back to Tulsa

  725. Take These Chains from My Heart (CH; DP)

  726. Talk About Me (Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  727. Talk Back Trembling Lips (JT)

  728. Talkiní ĎBout You (CH/JT)

  729. Tall Drink of Water (DL)

  730. Tall Tall Trees

  731. Tearful Earful (JT)

  732. Tearing Up a Yardbird

  733. Teenage Hamster (BW/PS)

  734. Teenager in Love

  735. Tell Your Shrink I Said ďThanks for NothingĒ

  736. Ten Dollars in the Jukebox (JT)

  737. Ten Gallon Boogie

  738. Tennessee Saturday Night

  739. Tennessee Waltz (Peewee King tribute)

  740. Tequila

  741. Texas Behemoth

  742. Texas Blues (CoH)

  743. Texas Drummer Boy (JC)

  744. Texas Fruit Shack

  745. Texas Hambone Blues

  746. Texas Me

  747. Texas Stomp (SMo)

  748. Thanks a Lot (JS)

  749. Thatís the Way Love Goes (AH)

  750. Thatís Why I Sing in a Honky Tonk (JT)

  751. The Arms of Mary

  752. Then and Only Then (JT)

  753. There Stands a Glass (TO)

  754. Thereíll Be No Teardrops Tonight

  755. Thereís a Little Bit of Everything in Texas

  756. Thereís a New Moon Over My Shoulder

  757. Thereís Many Ways to Die (URH)

  758. Thereís Still a Lot of Love in San Antone (JT)

  759. These Boots Are Made for Walkiní (tribute to chick singers Cornell can sing better than)

  760. These Old Shoes Blues (URH)

  761. They Call Me Mr. Christmas (BW/PS)

  762. They Were Doing the Mambo (MB)

  763. Theyíll Never Take Her Love from Me (BW)

  764. Things We Used To Do (BK/LK)

  765. Thirty Years Waltz (BW, sort of)

  766. This Cold War with You (Floyd Tillman tribute)

  767. Three Little Words

  768. Thunderstorms and Neon Signs (WTTH)

  769. Time Changes Everything (JA)

  770. Tiptoe Through the Tulips (Tiny Tim tribute)

  771. Today I Started Loving You Again (RH; SVT)

  772. Todayís Urban Blues (URH)

  773. Together Again

  774. Tomorrow Never Comes (JT)

  775. Tomorrow Night

  776. Tonight Somewhere Out in Texas

  777. Tonight the Bartenderís on the Wrong Side of the Bar (JE)

  778. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down (MH)

  779. Too Lonely, Too Long (JT)

  780. Touch My Heart (JT, Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  781. Train Kept Rolling (FK)

  782. Travel On

  783. Treat Her Right

  784. Treat Me Nice

  785. Trouble in Mind

  786. Truck Driverís Blues (Ted Daffan death show)

  787. Truck Driving Man

  788. Trust Too Much Blues (URH)

  789. Trying to Get to You

  790. Tuff (DP)

  791. Two Dollar Toy

  792. Two Empty Arms (JT)

  793. Two Glasses, Joe (JS)

  794. Tzena-Tzena

  795. Under the Influence of Love (JT)

  796. Under the X in Texas

  797. Under Your Spell Again (ChH; JT)

  798. Undo the Right (JT; MH)

  799. Unloved, Unwanted (JT)

  800. Up on the Roof

  801. Vicious, Vicious Vodka (BW)

  802. Village of the Durned

  803. Violent Love (DL)

  804. Viva Las Vegas (BW)

  805. Wabash Blues

  806. Waiting for Better Times (WTTH)

  807. Walk Out Backward (SB)

  808. Walk Out Backwards

  809. Walk Right Back

  810. Walkiní After Midnight (MH, LH, EMcQ)

  811. Walkiní the Dog (WTTH)

  812. Walking My Baby Back Home

  813. Walking the Floor Over You

  814. Waltz Across Texas (CH; BL)

  815. Waltz of the Angels (CoH/ChH/TL/HH)

  816. Want You to Feel Good Too (RTBG)

  817. Warm Milk Blues (URH)

  818. Way We Wuz, The

  819. We Could (JT)

  820. We Live in Two Different Worlds Dear

  821. Weíll Meet Again (adios El WL)

  822. Weight, The (CN)

  823. Westphalia Waltz

  824. What a Way to Live (JT/DO)

  825. What About That Moses (PS/BW)

  826. What Made Milwaukee Famous

  827. What the Hell Is Wrong With You (PS/BW)

  828. What Would Ernest Tubb Have Done

  829. What You Threw Away

  830. Whatís Your Name

  831. When I Close My Eyes I Feel You in His Arms

  832. When I Leave the World Behind (Hadda Brooks tribute)

  833. When Love Goes Wrong (JE)

  834. When the Saints Go Marching In (PS/CoH tribute to Tiny and NOLA)

  835. When Two Worlds Collide

  836. When Will I Be Loved? (DAS)

  837. When Your House Is Not a Home (JT)

  838. Where Have All the Flowers Gone (PS)

  839. Which One of Us Is to Blame (JT)

  840. Whiskey River (JB)

  841. White Christmas

  842. White Freightliner (CG)

  843. White Lightniní (RRP; MSB)

  844. White Silver Sands

  845. White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation (MP)

  846. Whiter Shade of Pale (CN)

  847. Who Hid the Halibut on the Poopdeck

  848. Who Will Buy the Wine

  849. Whoíll Be the First to Say I Told You So (JT)

  850. Whole Lotta Lonesome (MB)

  851. Whole Lotta Shakiní

  852. Why Donít You Haul Off and Love Me (MB)

  853. Why Donít You Love Me Like You Used to Do

  854. Wild Mountain Thyme (PS)

  855. Wild Side of Life

  856. Wild Thing

  857. Wild, Free, and Reckless (WTTH)

  858. Wildwood Flower (June Carter tribute)

  859. Winchester Cathedral

  860. Window Shopping

  861. Window Up Above (BW)

  862. Wine Do Your Stuff

  863. Wine Me Up (JA; BD; KB)

  864. Wine on My Mind (Johnny Paycheck tribute)

  865. Winter Wonderland

  866. Wipeout

  867. Wooly Bully

  868. Yackety Sax (DP)

  869. You Ainít Gonna Have Old Buck

  870. You Belong to Me (Patsy Cline Death Plane Tribute, Patsyís song)

  871. You Comb Her Hair Every Morning (JT)

  872. You Donít Care What Happens to Me

  873. You Donít Have to Be a Baby to Cry

  874. You Donít Know Me (DW)

  875. You Gotta Have Heart

  876. You Nearly Lose Your Mind (Trifle on You) (CoH)

  877. You Never Even Called Me by My Name

  878. You Only Live Twice

  879. You Ought to Hear Me Cry

  880. You Played on My Piano

  881. You Put It There (MB)

  882. You Really Got Me

  883. You Took Her Off My Hands (JT)

  884. You Turned the Tables on Me

  885. You Win Again (LJA)

  886. Youíre from Texas

  887. Youíre Gonna Be Cold (JS)

  888. Youíre Sixteen, Youíre Beautiful, and Youíre Mine

  889. Youíre So Square (Baby I Donít Care)

  890. Your Cheatiní Heart (CH; LL)

  891. Your Ex-Husband Sent Me Flowers

  892. Your Hand

  893. Worn Out Suits with Brand New Pockets (RTBG)

  894. I Go Anywhere (LP)

  895. If I Only Had a Brain (BW/EM)

  896. Dancing Queen (LP)

  897. It Comes To Me Naturally (RTBG)

  898. Saturday Night in San Jose (CH/AC)

  899. Incident in Juarez

  900. Theme from Batman
  901. O Holy One

  902. Black Smoke Blowing Over 18 Wheels

  903. Canít Explain (FK)

  904. Cry Just a Little (SV)

  905. Donít Talk to Strangers (SV)

  906. Donít Worry íBout Me (JS)

  907. Dreaminí

  908. From Four Till Late

  909. Hello Mary Lou (Gene Pitney tribute)

  910. Here Comes My Baby

  911. I Knew the Bride (BK)

  912. If Youíve Got Leaving on Your Mind (BW)

  913. It Comes to Me Naturally (RTBG)

  914. Johnson City (WTTH)

  915. Just Because (TR)

  916. Kidney Stew (RTGB)

  917. Laugh Laugh (SV)

  918. Loose Talk

  919. Love Roller Coaster

  920. Matilda (CA)

  921. Paper Roses (RR)

  922. Party of One (HK)

  923. Party with Del

  924. People Will Say Weíre in Love

  925. Texas by Night (Ride West) (TB)

  926. Road Runner

  927. Rolliní and Tumbliní (Jesse Guitar Taylor tribute, PS)

  928. Rubboard Waltz

  929. Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy (BK)

  930. Texas by Night

  931. Thatís What Daddy Wants (WTTH, commuting from another planet)

  932. Theremin Woman

  933. Weíre Not Married Anymore

  934. Wonder of You (Gene Pitney tribute)

  935. You Canít Judge a Book (BK)

  936. You Only Kiss Me When We Say Goodbye

  937. Down Home Girl

  938. Iíve Got a New Heartache (BK/LK)

  939. I Owe It All to Rock and Roll

  940. Rocket Bomb

941.      A Picture of Me Before I Loved You

  1. The Shadow You Left on My Life
  2. Mean Woman in the Green Dress (HK)
  3. Tom Corbett Space Cadet theme song (tribute to Frankie Thomas)
  4. Troubled Over You
  5. Sherry
  6. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
  7. Iím So Glad Youíre Mine (BW)
  8. You Gotta Move (RTBG)
  9. Highway 61 Revisited (BK)
  10. Cowpoke (JT)
  11. Hey Porter (TJB)
  12. If Youíve Got the Money (TJB)
  13. While the Curtain in the Window Waved Goodbye (JT)
  14. Brain Cloudy Blues (CoH)
  15. Someone Wants Me Out of the Way (HK)
  16. If She Could See Me Now (JT)
  17. I Threw Away the Rose (JT)
  18. One More Drink (JT)
  19. A-11 (MB)
  20. A Worried Mind (DW)
  21. Big Fat Mama (PTP)
  22. Got My Mojo Working (PTP)  
  23. Moanin' The Blues (HK)

  24.   Black Velvet Band

    966 Dedicated To You

    967 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (BK)

    968 Smokey Places

    969 Little Deuce Coupe

    970. Two Dollars In The Jukebox (HK)

    971 You Better Move On

    972. Thousand Dollar Rubboard

     973.   I Count The Tears

    974. I Gotta Get Drunk (HK)

    975. In The Corner at The Table by The Jukebox 

    976. One Sided Love Affair (BW)

    977. From a Buick 6 (BK)

    978. Do You Believe in Magic 

    979. Roberta (DHo)

    980. Blues in the Bottle

    981. Little Hearts and Flowers

    982. Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (BK)

    983. The Mess Around (CMDR Cody)

    984. Semi-Truck (BK/CMDR)

    985. Make Me A Pallet on Your Floor (VG)

    986. I Shoulda Married Marie

    987. Fifteen Years Ago (HK)

    988. Trouble (Suzanne Smith)

    989. Rollin in My Sweet Baby's Arms (Suzanne Smith)

    990.Big Boss Man (Suzanne Smith)

          991. Cindy's Birthday (Blackie's Birthday)

         992. Middle Aged Blackboard (BW/PS)

         993. I Can't Help Being Cool Redux

994. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (BK)

995. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (TJB)

996. Don't Tell Mayo

997. Knocking on Heaven's Door (BW)

998. Tomorrow's A Million Miles Away (Don Walser tribute)

999. D-I-V-O-R-C-E (LP)

1000. Danny Boy (Don Walser Tribute)

1001. You Ain't Woman Enough (Conni Hancock)

1002. They Don't Know (LP)

1003. Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (Marcia Ball)




Cornell Hurd Band 2006


Cornell Hurd, Godfather of Country Soul, the Hillbilly Baryshnikov (guitar and trumpet)

Show Business Veteran Paul Skelton (lead guitar, 12-string guitar, theremin)

Danny Roy Young, Lord of the Board (rubboard)

Blackie White, the Sexsational Blackie White, the Shade Tree Gynecologist (nylon string guitar, ukulele, vocals)

Randy the Badger Glines (bass, harmonica)

Howard Kalish (fiddle)

Scott Walls (steel)

T Jarrod Banta (piano)

Lisa Pankratz (drums)

Allen Crider (sound booth)

Del Puschert (tenor sax)


Guest Vocalists and Soloists, Guest Musicians, And Band Alumni


1.             Karen Abrahams (KA)

2.             Robert Anderson (mandolin)

3.             Clifford Antone (bass) (CA)

4.             Nancy Apple (NA)

5.             Ariel the 12-Year-Old (A-12)

6.             Jason Arnold (JA)

7.             Little Joe Atkinson (LJA)

8.             Audrey Auld (AA)

9.             Marcia Ball (LTMB)

10.         Mike Barfield (MBar)

11.         Alan Barnette (AB)

12.         Bear Eagle (rubboard)

13.         Chris Beirne

14.         Susan Bell (SB)

15.         Michelle Bennington (MBen) (mandolin)

16.         Steve Bernsteen (saxophone)

17.         Karen Biller (drums, alumna)

18.         Art Blondin (bass)

19.         Jane Bond (JB)

20.         Ponty Bone (accordion)

21.         T. Jarrod Bonta (TJB)

22.         Michael Shane Borden (MSB)

23.         Libbi Bosworth (LB)

24.         Jamie Lee Bradford (JLB)

25.         MartŪ Brom (MB)

26.         Richard Buckner (RB)

27.         Johnny Bush (JB)

28.         Cade Callahan (CC)

29.         Bill Campbell (bass)

30.         Frank Campbell (bass)

31.         David Carroll (bass)

32.         Casey Sisters (CS)

33.         Lost John Casner (LJC)

34.         Dan Chambers (DC)

35.         Eugene Chrysler (EC)

36.         Slaid Cleves (SC)

37.         Johnny Cuviello (JC) (drums)

38.         Lynn Daniel (bass)

39.         Angie Day (AD)

40.         Billy Dee (BD)

41.         Floyd Domino (FD) (piano)

42.         Wayne Douglas (steel)

43.         Randy R Edwards (Felipe the Singing Saw)

44.         Natalie Emerson (NE)

45.         Jon Emery (JE)

46.         Steve England (steel)

47.         Eppy Epstein (harmonica)

48.         Bill Fisher (BF)

49.         Kinky Friedman (KF)

50.         Beth Gallegher (saxophone, flute)

51.         Gus Garelick (fiddle)

52.         Chris Gaynor (guitar)

53.         Colin Gilmore (CG)

54.         Paul Glasse (mandolin)

55.         Roy Glaze (RG) (steel)

56.         Vanessa Gordon (fiddle, alumna)

57.         Damon Green (DG) (fiddle)

58.         Rob Griffin (fiddle)

59.         Charlene Hancock (ChH)

60.         Conni Hancock (CoH)

61.         Holly Hancock (HH)

62.         Tommy Hancock (TH)

63.         Wayne the Train Hancock (WTTH)

64.         Harley Dave (Too Country) (HD)

65.         Adam Harvey (AH)

66.         Roy Heinrich (RH)

67.         Liz Henry (LH)

68.         Mitzi Henry (MH)

69.         Herman the German (HTG)

70.         Herman the Real German (HTRG)

71.         Marty (from Albuquerque) Herrera (MH)

72.         The Hurd Boys (THB)

73.         Miss Debbie Hurd (piano, accordion)

74.         Uncle Raul Hurd (URH)

75.         Olivier Jovin (OJ)

76.         Rizwan Khan, the Pakistani Ball Buster (PBB) (plaid guitar)

77.         Terry Kirkendall (drums, alumnus)

78.         Vernie Kirkendall (VK) (accordion)

79.         Bill Kirchen (guitar, whistling)

80.         Louise Kirchen (LK)

81.         Harry Klinetank (tenor sax)

82.         Freddy Krc (drums)

83.         Traci Lamar (TL)

84.         Dee Lannon, the Singing Waitron (DL)

85.         Lazy Lester (LL)

86.         Bobby Leuders (BL)

87.         Walt Lewis (WL)

88.         Carl Sonny Leyland (CSL) (piano)

89.         DK Little (DKL)

90.         Little Jewford (kazoo)

91.         Bruce Logan (drums)

92.         Jim Lossberg (steel)

93.         Janet Lynn (JL)

94.         Rip Masters (RM) (piano)

95.         Rod McCormick (guitar)

96.         Elizabeth McQueen (EMcQ)

97.         Sean Mencher (SMe)

98.         Dodd Meredith (drums)

99.         Eric Metzger (EM, keyboards)

100.      Bukka Michael (percussion)

101.      Frankie Miller (FM)

102.      Jim Miller (mandolin)

103.      Tom Miller (drums)

104.      Miss Leslie (ML, fiddle)

105.      Marty Mitchell (bass, alumnus)

106.      Rod Moag (RMg)

107.      Nancy Moore (NM)

108.      Sid Morris (SMo)

109.      Charlie Mudford (CM, piano)

110.      Michelle Murphy (MM)

111.      Cody Nicolas (piano, vocals, trumpet)

112.      Noisemaking Bob (NB)

113.      Lucky Oceans (steel)

114.      Dickie Overby (DO)

115.      Tary Owens (TO)

116.      Pinetop Perkins (piano) (PP)

117.      David Perkoff (saxophone)

118.      Rockiní Ronny Pieterson (RRP)

119.      Michele Pittinger (MP)

120.      Tom Pittman (TP)

121.      Mark Pollard (bass, alumnus)

122.      Karen Poston (KP)

123.      Lee Potter (drums)

124.      Ralph Power (drums, alumnus)

125.      Richard Bad Dog Power (baritone sax, alumnus)

126.      Lyle Pratt (LP)

127.      Maryann Price (MP)

128.      Gary Primich (GP) (harmonica)

129.      Penny Jo Pullus (PJP)

130.      Del Puschert (tenor saxophone) (DP)

131.      Don Raby (fiddle)

132.      Nashville Ratso (guitar)

133.      Leon Rausch (LR)

134.      John X Reed (JXR)

135.      Kimberly Rene (KR)

136.      Lefty Right (LRt)

137.      Ada Rovatti (tenor sax)

138.      Frank X. Roeber (bass, alumnus)

139.      Mark Rubin (bass)

140.      Serena Ryder (SR)

141.      Slim (accordion)

142.      Jerry Sires (JS)

143.      Dee Ann Smith (DAS)

144.      Kevin Smith (bass)

145.      Bobby Scrapiron Snell (steel, alumnus)

146.      Toby Solomon (TS)

147.      Mylos Sonka (MS)

148.      Stan from Boston (SfB)

149.      Herb Steiner (pedal steel, alumnus)

150.      Glen Tillbrook (GT)

151.      Too Country (2C)

152.      Harvey Trahan (rubboard)

153.      Justin TreviŮo (bass, alumnus)

154.      Sal Valentino (SV)

155.      Susanna Van Tassel (SVT)

156.      Washington Ratso (guitar)

157.      Dayna Wills (DW)

158.      Lefty Wright

159.      Unknown British poofter in black (UBP)

160.      Welder hat guy (WHG)

  161.            Will Glossip (guitar)

162.            Conrad Diesler (CD)

163.            Melissa from Sacramento

164.            Little Odette (LO)

165.            [Somebody] Miles (2-16-06)

166.            Ramona Reed (RR)

167.            Jerry Butler (tenor sax)

168.            Bonnie Waite (piano)

169.            Kevin Banford (KB)

170.            John Stafford (clarinet)

171.            Chris OíConnell (COC)

172.            Tina Rose (TR)  

173.      David Holt (DHo)

174.     Commander Cody (CMDR)


Also those two annoying people from San Antonio who played fiddle and guitar



 The Discs
 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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