Crappone, France L-R  - Blackie, Paul, Cornell, Howard, Scott


France, July 31, 2005 L-R   Randy, Cornell, Blackie, Del, T, French cameraman


At the late and great Texicalli Grille, South X South Austin


at the Red Cross Ball, Switzerland, June 2007 

Bob Bullock Museum                               photo by Winker

The Broken Spoke  L-R - Scott, Judy, Paul, Del, Cornell, James White, Blackie, Randy, Howard

                                                                                  photo by Winker

                at the Broken Spoke...Cornell with 'Lil Chuy, The Texas Scorpion



                                           France, 2005 - Howard, Cornell, Paul


Texicalli Grille, 1997  L-R: Bobby Snell, Cornell, Leroy Biller, Bill Kirchen, Johnny Gimble, Paul Skelton, Johnny Bush


over THIRTEEN years in South Austin!




To book  The Cornell Hurd Band, just send a note to He will give you the details. Please give six weeks notice for international gigs.


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guitar/Paul Skelton     drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns   steel          bass      fiddle           piano

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