Nathan "Night Train" Neal 

2011- present

Luke McNamee 2009- present

Luke visits Austin for a couple months a year.



           photo by Lluís Sala                                                                                 photo by Todd Wolfson

Del Puschert 2003 to 2007

Del lives in Maryland most of the time. He no longer plays with us on a regular basis.  He sits in with us several times a year, when he's in town.


2000-2004 Richard "Bad Dog" Power (baritone sax) That's Richard Power to his friends. We truly don't remember when he started playing with us. He was with us for like, uh ten years, dude.


2001-2005    Cody Nicolas (trumpet)

1976-1977    Ricky “Tex” Yamashiro (alto sax)

spring 1977     Dave Hannah (tenor sax)

1976-1977        Brian "The Mighty Squid" Yoshida  (occasional sax) 

1976-present    Cornell Hurd (marginal novelty trumpet)

1976    Larry Stokes (baritone), Jack Sanford (tenor)

1975-1976  Don Bangle   (trumpet), Jim Pollock (sax)

1969 to 1982    Drew Hurd (occasional sax) 



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 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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