LIVE at JOVITAíS: Don't Quit Your Night Job


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   A great look at our live show, with guest appearances by Miss Marti Brom,  Dee Lannon, and Cornell's favorite poet - Raoul Hurd.


I Donít Care What It Is That You Did When You Lived In Ft. Worth(Hurd)

157 Linmore Drive (Hurd)

Nyquil Blues(Steiner)

You Donít Care What Happens To Me (Rose)

A Thing Called Sadness (C. Howard)

Hoy, Hoy, Hoy (J. Jones)

Rubboard Playing Man (Hurd)

I Donít Want To Love Anyone This Much Again (Hurd)

What Would Ernest Tubb Have Done? (Hurd)

(Set ĎEm Up) Iím Afraid To Go Home (Hurd)

Moonshine Lullaby (Berlin)

Shiny and New (Hurd)

Artificial Flowers (Bock, Harnick)

The Genitalia Of A Fool (Trevino, Hurd, Skelton, White)

My Missing Years (Hurd)

I Cry, Then I Drink, Then I Cry (Hurd)

Last Date (Cramer)

Cool Touch, Hot Nite (Nicolas)

Income Tax Blues (Raoul Hurd)

Those Down and Out Blues (Raoul Hurd)

The Albatross (Green)

Tell Your Shrink I Said "Thanks For Nothin' (Hurd)

Our Way Of Life(Hurd)

Texas Nite Train (Forrest, Washington, Simpkins)


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 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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