My Missing Years 1984-1989

This CD is remixed and recorded from the original source tapes from these dark and somber years of Cornell's life when he was stranded on the planet Orphalon. The songs are not necessarily reflective of life on the strange world of Orphalon, but some subliminal references are made. Wow, Cornell is going to kill me when he reads this.

Seriously, this 24 track CD is a look at the band's mid- to late-eighties  recordings.  My Missing Years  includes the 1987-88 record Fever in the South  in it's entirety, PLUS  an unreleased album, Ranch Style produced by Cornell and Lou Whitney (the Skeletons) from 1989!!

Also included are two previously unreleased tracks from the bands disastrous Plan Nine from San Jose  project of the eighties.


In addition we offer you as a bonus track a disturbing glimpse into Paul Skelton's solo "career"...


A Rock and a Hard Place (Hurd)

Startiní Out Fresh (Winn/Hurd/Roeber)

Love Like A í55 Ford (Hurd)

A Picture of Me Before I Loved You (Hurd)

The Long Goodbye (Hurd)

Liviní a Lie Over You (Hurd)

Out Beyond My Wildest Dream (Hurd)

My Mind Hurts (Hurd)

She Ainít Got Nothiní on You (Hurd)

Kindness For Weakness(Hurd)

I Get the Shakes (Hurd)

Texas Blues (Phillips)

If You Play With My Mind Youíre Gonna Get Your Hands Dirty (Hurd)

Paulette (Hurd)

(Pardon Me) Was It Something That I Sang? (Hurd)

Fever In The South (Hurd/Davidson)

The Rockabilly Blues (Cash)

Rocket Bomb (Hurd)

(The More I Loved Her) The More She Loved Me Less (Hurd)

The Shadow You Left On My Life (Hurd)

Seven Nights To Rock (Trail/Innis/Glover)

I Owe It All To Rock and Roll (Hurd)

I Canít Help Being Cool (Hurd)

Bonus Track: Bring To Me One Pizza  - Paul Skelton & The Del-Mightys (Skelton)

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 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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