Return to the Village of the Durned

A re-mastered version of 1977's Village of the Durned with 12 Additional tracks


(Iím Living In) The Village of the Durned 

Bicentennial Boogie 

Flyiní Away with the Breeze 

Texas Behemoth  

Everybody Knows My Baby (Real Well) (R. Clark)

Iím Going Down To Australia (with My Fried Chicken Franchise) (Hurd) 

Is There A Lover In The House? 

Here Come the Clones 

Psychotic Love 

Platinum Blondes 

The Thrill of it All 

A Little Traveling Music, Please (Hurd) 

For Real It (Hurd) 

The Future is Off (Hurd) 

When I Get Through With You (Hurd) 

Under My Thumb 


Mountain of Love 

A Six Pack To Go 

I Get The Shakes (Hurd) 

I Come Alive (Hurd) 

The Ice-Cold Water and the Blood-Stained Ford (Hurd) 

Cemetery Road 

My Not-So-Groovy Lifestyle (Hurd) 

On The Brink 

Iíve Had It up To Here with the Blues

Banana Records (Hurd,Roeber,Skelton,Crawford) 


 The Discs
 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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