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23 Tracks, including a show tune from 'Bye Bye Birdie', a song about Nyquil, a Hamm's Beer memory, perhaps, and the usual cornellcopia of talent.

You will buy this CD immediately and then you will love it. Promise.

  SSA#1 for April &May,#3 June, #5 July 2002  

"I tell you what, the Cornell Hurd Band is damn good. Truly an embodiment of good 'ol South Austin country music, the new album, Song of South Austin, rings true to it's title." [from Insite magazine]

  1. Shiny and New (Hurd)
  2. Rubboard Playiní Man (Hurd)
  3. Texas Nite Train (Forrest, Washington, Simpkins)
  4. Iíve Gotta Lotta Liviní To Do (Strouse, Adams)
  5. Because Itís You (Wanda Jackson)
  6. Rock & Roll Honky Tonkiní Rambliní Man (Joe Dickens)
  7. Iím Not Drinkiní To Drown My Sorrows [Iím Just Takiní ĎEm For A Swim] (Bradford)
  8. Maybe I Do (Moore)
  9. The Heart Of A Clown (Nelson, Rollins, Kane)
  10. Donít Pretend Youíre Doing This For Me (Hurd)
  11. Nyquil Blues (Steiner)
  12. From The Land Of Sky Blue Waters (Eberhart, Cadman)
  13. Cool Touch, Hot Night (Nicolas)
  14. Pass The Booze (Northington, Butts)
  15. Love Is No Excuse (Justin Tubb)
  16. The Garbageman (Hurd, DeVoir, Dickens)
  17. Only A Fool (The Reverend Otis Moon)
  18. Jealously Insane (Johnny Bush)
  19. Full Moon In Austin (Toby Solomon)
  20. The Ten Gallon Boogie (King, Stewart)
  21. She Once Lived Here (Inman)
  22. Maypo (King or Dean)
  23. Donít Wipe Your Face On Your Shirt (Hurd)

release date- March 9, 2002


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 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

5 CDs for $55 with Free Shipping!





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