1977 to 1985


l to r. Drew, Cornell, Frank

More 1977 Photos

1979 (l to r) Clemes, Drew, Cornell, Roeber, Farris, Hennessy

More 1979 Photos

Iowa City October 1980


Houston, Fall 1977                                                                                                 "The Behemoth" 1980







First Gig at the Continental, Summer 1981


Cornell, Peggy Ashton, Carl Perkins 1978 at Keystone, Palo Alto (Andy Mitchell in mirror)



Joey "Wheels" Oullette 1984 


The Band at Hidden Valley, 1979 or 1980


79 or 80                                               "Justine!" 79 or 80                    Drew and Cornell 1979 Santa Clara



"Sunglasses After Dark" 1978           San Fran 1980                 The Country Store 1984



Dave and Drew at The Original Smokey Mountain


George Mueller, Palo Alto 1978                                                        Roeber at The Skylight 1978


 The Discs
 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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