Paul Skelton

born in El Paso Texas 9/28/53


2007  Bernard Ortiz-de-Montella

at Texicalli 2007 (Wolfson)

  (L) with Blackie 2006 (by Winker)

 2005 Paul and Lisa, Crappone, France      



         1996   SXS Austin                      1987 NY          1977  on the road. Midwest

Getting back to nature in Vancouver, 1977

In Los Angeles with The Donuts, 1982   (Lloyd Pratt photo)


                        Bandera, around the turn of the century



Paul and Drew, 1977 Portland OR                        Promo photo '93

   (L) at the Country store, 1982 

 As a "Party King"   Sunnyvale, CA 1982 (R)        




1982 - oh, yeah...The San Jose Dolls...Frank and Paul


early '70s, San Jose


Bryan Yoshida, Dave Clemes, Paul Skelton and Pat Hennessy Bloomington, '77

with Bill Hayes 1978

w/Danny. "Baby Please Don't Go"

Frank, Paul and Terry 2002



                    Paul and Danny by NILES FULLER


Chris Gaynor wrote this the day after Paul's death:



The Beauty of a life

lived with Beauty

is in the Traces created


in doing so

through Shadows cast-upon us

in its Wake

a Resounding

reaches us

all the more clearly


with a Music

we now


to Hear



                  2-23-09     Medford, Oregon

               Christopher Gaynor


Chris, like Paul grew up in Cupertino.

Both were only sons of Lockheed engineers.

Both became guitarists.


 The Discs
 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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