Our New CD: A Bad Year For Love




This CD features performances by Paul and Danny and special guests Jon Emery and Freddie Krc! 


1) Respect for the Dead  ...big Texas Shuffle 

2) I Got Wine on My Mind  ...a Johnny Paycheck number from WAAAY back 

3) White Sands (Home of the Radar Men) ...rompin' guitar/sax instrumental  

4) I Won’t Apologize for Loving You  ...western swing   

5) It's All Down Hill from Here  ...country heart breaker 

6) Cold Rain  ...hard drivin' blues piano/rubboard/guitar instrumental 

7) A Date with Her Memory  ...fiddle & Steel Teaxs shuffle 

8) I've Had It  ...yep, that one...'50s Bellnotes hit...with Jon and Freddie 

9) The Lights in the Distance  Western Swing instrumental 

10) Invitation to the Blues  ...Roger Miller/Ray Price standard 

11) A Bad Year for Love  ... a true story...

12) Thunderbird Highway ...rock n' roll instrumental 

13) Little Jane Ann  .. . a  bitter little waltz 

14) The Color of Dead Leaves  ...a return to Cornell's '70s sound 

15) My Love Lives in South Austin ...guitar and steel instrumental   

16) I'm Gonna Drive  ...truck drivin' 

17) My Very Last Dream ... piano and guitar instrumental 


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 The Band



guitar/Paul Skelton      drums

rhythm/Danny Young 

horns    steel           bass       fiddle            piano

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